B Hotels & Resorts® defines and establishes the next generation of lifestyle hotels, inviting guests to revel in Self-Expression Hospitality™ and tailor experiences how they desire them to be.

The D(destination)-N(n’vogue)-A(approachability) of each hotel defines the identity, character and available programming, while creating a fresh and approachable setting that welcomes today’s business and leisure travelers. Core B Signature Elements, available at each property, ignite a genuine emotional connection to the hotel and the brand. Combining lifestyle characteristics with distinct, engaging elements, guests are provided a platform to express their individuality with no inhibitions.

Approachable Lifestyle Brand

B Hotels & Resorts® is built to provide spaces and services that are authentic and unpretentious. We make every effort to create an open environment that encourages self-expression from and between guests, employees, and ownership. This allows for a tuned-in and responsive experience unlike any other in the industry.


Mutually Beneficial Relationship

B Hotels & Resorts® provides a variety of brand programs and services to optimize the revenue potential of each property. Modern travelers are better equipped than ever to choose the hotel that fits them best, and we believe that the brand is most valuable in maximizing potential to capture their business.

Creative & Refined Distribution

B Hotels & Resorts® understands the intricacies and nuances of reaching guests in today’s highly connected and decentralized marketing environment. The distribution platform casts a wide net to reach potential and previous guests and provides multiple conversion opportunities from ecommerce to central reservations.


Property Integration

B Hotels & Resorts® delivers an authentic experience through close integration with property-level personnel. Our brand standards are designed to create an environment of consistent feedback and training with the corporate office and within the property, which allows us to capitalize on opportunities in real time.