element design + procurement is a full-service architecture and design company with an integrated procurement function.

 The company approaches each project with execution and longevity as the critical design factors. Every aspect of the space is optimized for construction and operations efficiency, guest and employee experience, and timeless style. An experienced leadership team combined with their diverse foreign and domestic networks allows for maximum creativity regardless of perceived limitations.

 Design and procurement are intimately linked throughout the entire process from concept to execution. Designers work closely with the procurement team to ensure the vision is executed with the most durable, functional, and cost-effective solutions that comply with brand standards and a broad range of building codes.

Lifestyle, Authenticity, and Sustainability

element design + procurement has a unique perspective on timeless style that combines the latest trends with enduring design and business principles. Designers first meet with owners to fully understand the vision. They then bring that vision to life with carefully sourced materials that exemplify a unique balance of quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Execution-Focused Design

element design + procurement delivers a unique, user-friendly customer experience. Each project requires an innovative approach to deliver the owner’s vision within its unique set of challenges. The company applies a rigorous review of options to fit design within various constraints, including owner budget, building codes, and brand standards.

Value-Oriented Planning & Design

 element design + procurement manages all areas of pre-construction planning and design. We approach each project with unlimited creativity to deliver the best experience for all stakeholders. Each design element is engineered to provide the greatest return on investment without sacrificing quality or the spirit of the design.

Foreign and Domestic Networks

 element design + procurement has built a network of vendors over many years based on a reputation of fair dealing and aggressive price comparison. In addition to a rich network, our experienced procurement leaders have a comprehensive grasp on global logistics, which allows for sourcing construction and design items anywhere in the world.